Fuji Xerox DocuPrint M375 z - A4 Mono Multi Function Printer

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Fuji Xerox
- A4 all-in-one printer
- Print up to 40 ppm
- Colour touch panel
- USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi*1 connectivity
- Automatic Document Feeder: 70 sheets*2
- Print, copy, fax, and scan
   1: Not available on DocuPrint M375 df Multifunction A4 Monochrome Printer
   2: 50 sheets on DocuPrint M375 df Multifunction A4 Monochrome Printer


Easy to use
Simple but effective
- Mono Multifunction Printer with compact, sensible and stylish design.
Select a all-in-one printer size & functions just right for your budget & needs.
- A range of user-friendly free-of-charge applications* available to enhance productivity and connectivity and make it easy to print from your mobile phone.
    - Fuji Xerox Print Utility, Google Cloud Print, Mopria.
- Operated by a user-friendly, intuitive colour touch panel*. Stylish, easy-to-use modern design.
     - Available on DocuPrint M375 z / M375 df.
- Network Print with great connectivity: you select an access method that works for you.
Simultaneous connection with Ethernet and Wi-Fi Direct* enables you to connect with the printer from a fixed location (such as a desk), or on the run.
     - Available on DocuPrint M375 z Multifunction Printer
- Bypass Tray enables use of a range of thick paper stock to suit your individual printing needs.

Tasks done securely
- Dependable & secure.
- Secure Print function enables you, and only you to print and access your own output on-demand.
- The Secure Function Lock feature means that you can control who accesses & uses the various functions of the machine to copy, scan or fax. Page limits can be set to help you manage costs.
- The high performance Monochrome Printer responds to your high-volume printing needs with high durability. (Monthly Maximum Duty Cycle: 100000 pages)
- 1200 x 1200 dpi high resolution quality printing.
- Economical & effective: Delivers quality, power & reliability that is easy on the wallet. Low-profile device, but high quality output.

Two-way (front & back) printing output
- Simply select the output point (front or back output tray) that matches the type of paper to be used.
- The machine adopts a straight paper path, which realizes face-up print output. No more curling when using thick paper. Nice and flat.

  * The image shows the printer model of the same series, DocuPrint P375 dw / P375 d.

Easy to use interface
The machine features an intuitive colour touch panel* that allows you to swipe through the menu with ease.
     * Available on DocuPrint M375 z / M375 df.
To start the operation, simply touch the colour touch panel*. When you finish the operation, the display on the panel automatically turns off. Easy to use and energy saving.
     * Available on DocuPrint M375 z / M375 df.
You do not need to enter the same settings repeatedly.
Save your favorite settings as Shortcuts*, which saves time and boosts the productivity.
     * Available on DocuPrint M375 z / M375 df.

* The above image shows the user interface on DocuPrint M375 z when the colour touch panel and other operation parts are all displayed.

Packed with smart features
Easy Front Access: Access print output and change-out consumables (such as toner and paper) quickly, simply and cleanly from the front of the machine.

1. Automatic Document Feeder*:

 Quickly scan, copy and fax one or two-sided, and multiple-page documents. Also scanner glass is convenient to scan thick documents such as books.
     * Available on DocuPrint M375 z / M375 df.

2. USB Port*:

Use your own USB drive to save scans or print directly from the USB.
     * Available on DocuPrint M375 z / M375 df.

3. Bypass Tray (50 sheets):

Capable of handling various different types & sizes of paper, envelopes, labels, and post cards.

4. Standard Tray (250 sheets):

This tray is for standard users. Various types & sizes of paper can be used.

5. 520 Sheet Feeder*1:

Even if users want to print high-volume documents, the machine can respond to the needs with a maximum paper feeding capacity 1340 sheets*2.
     *1: Optional. 250 Sheet Feeder and 520 Sheet Feeder are available. Up to two optional feeders can be added.
     *2: When two 520 Sheet Feeders are added.

     Note: Paper feeding capacity is based on 80gsm paper.

Print Resolution 1200 x 600 dpi (from Scanner Glass), 600 x 600 dpi (from Automatic Document Feeder
Type Styles Desktop
Output Type First Copy Output Time - 9.2 seconds (A4, Ready Mode), Continuous Copy Speed*4 - A4 / B5 40 sheets/minute A5 LEF 60 sheets/minute, Paper TrayCapacity*5 - Standard Standard Tray: 250 sheets Bypass Tray: 50 sheets Optional, -250 Sheet Feeder: 250 sheets 520 Sheet Feeder: 520 sheets Max , - 1340 sheets [Standard + 520 Sheet Feeder x 2] Output Tray Capacity*5 150 sheets (face down), 10 sheets (face up*6)
Scanner Type Colour Scanner
Scan Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi (from Scanner Glass), 600 x 600 dpi (from Automatic Document Feeder)
Scan Speed Same as the Scan Speed for the Automatic Document Feeder
Automatic Document Feeder Capacity Original Size / Paper Weight Max: A4, Letter, Legal; Min: A5, 64 to 90 gsm (In Duplex: 64 to 90 gsm), Max: A4, Letter, Legal; Min: A5, 64 to 90 gsm, Capacity*2 70 sheets 50 sheets, Scan Speed*3 Scan, B/W: 28 sheets/minute, Colour: 20, sheets/minute(1 pass, 2 sided scanning;, B/W: 56 ppm, Colour: 34 ppm), B/W: 24 sheets/minute, Colour: 20, sheets/minute
Faxing Original Size A4, Letter, Legal, Recording Paper Size A4, Transmission Time 2 seconds and more but fewer than 3 seconds, Transmission Mode ITU-T G3, Applicable Lines Telephone subscriber line, PBX, Fax Communication (PSTN), Maximum 1 port (G3-1 port)
Power Consumption 1344 W Sleep Mode: 7.5 W Ready Mode: 34 W
Warranty One year next day on-site warranty
Dimensions (W x D x H) W 495 x D 427 x H 486 mm
Weight 17.3 kg
Memory Standard 512 MB (Max: 512 MB)
Power Supply AC220-240 V +/- 10 %, 5.6 A, 50/60 Hz common
What's in the box 1 x Fuji Xerox DocuPrint M375 z - A4 Mono Multi Function Printer
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