Acer AC Adapter Charger - 30W, 19V 1.58A, F12, 5.5x1.7mm for Acer Aspire One Series (PA-1300-4)

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PA 1300 4


Input Voltage : AC100-240V
Output Voltage : 19V
Output Current : 1.58A
Total Output Power : 30W
Output Tips : 5.5mm * 1.7mm 

Compatible with:

For acer aspire one - 10.1
AOD150-1739, AOD150-1462, AOD150-1322, AOD150-1860, AOD150-1669, AOD150-1165, AOD150-1577, AOD150-1920, AOD150-1186, AOD150-1125, AOD150-1647, AOD150-1606, AOD150-1240, AOD150-1044, AOD150-1197, AOD150-1587

For acer aspire one - 8.9
AOA150-1126, AOA150-1447, AOA150-1983, AOA150-1049, AOA150-1672, AOA110-1995, AOA110-1834, AOA110-1588, AOA110-1137, AOA150-1141, AOA150-1483, AOA150-1068, AOA150-1485, AOA150-1359, AOA150-1553, AOA150-1505, AOA150-1784, AOA150-1329, AOA150-1316, AOA150-1348, AOA150-1444, AOA150-1987, AOA150-1405, AOA150-1435, AOA150-1905, AOA150-1083, AOA150-1400, AOA150-1786, AOA150-1178, AOA150-1949, AOA150-1742, AOA150-1864, AOA150-1706, AOA150-1887, AOA150-1622, AOA150-1690, AOA150-1555, AOA150-1635, AOA150-1798, AOA150-1570, AOA150-1777, AOA150-1679, AOA150-1649, AOA150-1035, AOA150-1029, AOA150-1172, AOA150-1504, AOA110-1662, AOA150-1382, AOA110-1831, AOA110-1295, AOA110-1041, AOA110-1626

For acer aspire one Series:
532h, AO532h, NAV50, 532h-2067, 532h-2223, 532h-2268, 532h-2288, 532h-2309, 532h-2326, 532h-2382,
532h-2406, 532h-2527, 532h-2588, 532-2594, 532h-2730, 532h-2789, 532h-2825, 532h-2964,
AO532h-2067, AO532h-2223, AO532h-2268, AO532h-2288, AO532h-2309, AO532h-2326, AO532h-2382,
AO532h-2406, AO532h-2527, AO532h-2588, AO532h-2594, AO532h-2789, AO532h-2825, AO532h-2964

- High quality with 100% brand new
- Over charge, over current, over voltage, short-circuit and over heat protection
- High precise output voltage, small wave and low interference
- Made of quality components and circuit board
- Safe and durable

*  Please make sure the DC output and connector size are compatible with your device before order.
* To find the right adapter for your laptop, is to check the sticker at the bottom of the laptop Adapter (not the replacement one) which state the amount of DC Voltage and Current output recommended for the laptop.
Power Supply 30w
What's in the box 1 x Acer AC Adapter Charger - 30W, 19V 1.58A, F12, 5.5x1.7mm
Warranty 3 months warranty and covered by supplier.
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